Women will move the edge again in Belgium, February 2008


A purposeful collective space for conscious women who will:
• explore and move the edge of what it means to know, sense, be and do our emergent collective future potential
• ask together the question(s) it has never yet occurred to us to ask
• hold a resonant field from which miracles can spring
• co-create new grooves in consciousness beyond our individual and collective edge
• contribute to expanding the global field of collective consciousness

In this gathering we will not only explore the edge, we will be it; we will do it.

Our world requires of us the courage to open, to engage, to inquire, to suspend, to empty, to hold and to explore beyond what we think we know.

Together we will co-create and be the vessel to awaken the inter-subjective “She”, the Being who comes alive through all of us together, who awaits our invitation to birth Collective Presence into the world.

What we learned in the previous gatherings:

• As women we hold unique qualities of leadership to bring positive change on this planet
• Silence, listening, sensing, holding and receiving are active movements in birthing collective knowing
• We need to hold the paradoxes of chaos and order; stillness and movement; emptiness and fullness, joy and pain in order to give birth to the miraculous
• There is a Wholeness of Knowing, Being and Doing
• To find the new order we must allow the messiness of the process
• Coming into the collective invokes a deeper nature, inherent in who we really are.

Next Guiding Questions

• What does conscious collective women’s leadership look like?

• Are we ready to die for love of the whole, moment by moment?

• How do I come from Source? How do I access authentic embodiment?

• Is the ‘We’ the pathway into
Source? Is there a Collective
Source? What has it not occurred to us to ask her?

• How to live “the self-generating fire storm”, the “gentle fierceness”, living Life with no holding back?

• What if it is easy?

How will you show up?

• Willing to be fully present
• Open – to risk, to move beyond safety, to be surprised
• Leave behind what you already know so as to cocreate in-the-moment
• Hold the courage and intention to find and move your edge
• Be in a constant state of evolving inquiry, of curiosity, and open to grace
• Be steady and patient in deep respect for one another and the process
• Hold the ambiguity of doing really important work and BEING WILD and HAVING FUN!

Beauty in the centre

What we will do

Our work is informed by the art and practice of Presencing, the Art of Hosting, and a commitment to creating the space for the magic of emergence. As our time together unfolds, we will open the way for collaborative engagement with various modes for creatively and
organically exploring into Wholeness of Knowing, Being and Doing. We will create a self-organising field of women’s wisdom, which will include all (y)our gifts, like:

• Collective practices like World Café, Open Space and Circle
• Ritual and celebration
• Movement, dance, tone/vibration
• Art, music, poetry, journaling
• Walking and listening to nature in her beauty and presence
• Silence and meditation
• Emergent practices like Generative Dialogue, Constellation, and the U Process of Presencing

If what you have read speaks to you; if you are ready to fully engage in this way, you are
invited! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Ria Baeck, Judy Wallace, & Helen Titchen Beeth

You can read about the first gathering (or see the pictures); and about the second one.

Friday February 1, 3:00 pm to
Monday February 4, after lunch.

Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, Belgium (40min drive from Brussels by car)

Contact us for more specific information about payment and travel, as well as further instructions about how to join in the pre-gathering on-line conversation.

Our contact information:
•   Ria Baeck, Belgium

•    Judy Wallace, USA

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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