Women Moving the Edge – Day 4

Stone as talking piece

On our last morning, Judy, Nina and I meditated as we had done every morning and it seemed that all of history’s witches and priestesses were with us, holding our circle. As I review our time together, seeing the weaving patterns and recurring cycles, I see how we have been adding all our stories to the cauldron. All the stories from the past, that were invoked in us by the centre, and by each other’s stories. And all our longings, called forth by our own and each other’s stories. All ingredients into the potent potion brewing in the middle. At moments of collective resonance, when the circle being came into focus for a spell, one of us would dive into the cauldron and bring back an insight, a call from the future. What we have been weaving here during these days is of inestimable, unfathomable importance for mankind and our beloved Gaia.

Feather as talking piece

Source is here.
Magic is here.
The oracle is here.

This is what we have hidden,
kept safe through the era of man and machine,
through the years of scientific discovery.
After the divergence is come the time of convergence.
Now it is time to rediscover
What of all that we buried is still real,
in the light of all that has been learned.
There is no longer any danger here:
Nothing that is real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

The oracle is here.
Magic is here.
Source is here.

BIG talking piece

I wrote in my journal: “It is time I lived life by my own rhythms – moment by moment. There is nothing that stops this any more. The old is dying and there is room already for us to bring in elements of the new. But this time, there need be no repression or denial, no punishment of the old order. Every piece must be turned over and examined, sensed fro mall angles and allowed to find its pace in the new order. Let us dismiss nothing from our awareness that arises there until we have reflected upon it with collective wisdom.”

There is so much still to be said about all that emerged during this gathering. One thing that became clear for us – that Ria has been exploring already for some time – Source and Spirit are not one. And Source is where the feminine connection lies. The question kept coming back again and again – How do we allow source to manifest through us?

Black egg as talking piece

Something came through Lisette on the last day which blew me away. I captured her words exactly:

I’m not
else. I’m in your
body. Live me, Be me
as I am. I am this glow. Feel me
I am always there.
Allow me to show you the way. Allow me to teach you
there’s always a next step and live me by taking that next
step. I am right here. I guard you, I support you, I live in you.
It’s not big deal. I’m just life. Don’t make it too holy! It happens
anyway. I’ll find my way. I’ll have my way with you! I always do.

Holding each other in silence

Ria’s blogging is here. My and Nina’s photos are here.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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