God is evolving – from the Piscean to the Aquarian era

A conversation with Mushin – 18 April 2010


Mushin: I have been reading a very interesting book, by Ibn Arabi, from the 12th century. He was a contemporary of Rumi, and they had quite some correspondence. The basic idea of Ibn Arabi, as I understand it, is ‘God’s sigh’.  In a way, God’s desire, God’s longing to be known.

Helen: Ah – the longing, the desire, the yearning – the feminine manifestation of spirituality.

Mushin: During my spring walk today, I was seeing how spring is an outburst of longing. Of desire.

Helen: And what it does to our bodies!

Mushin: This is part of my contemplation, the basic life energy as the energy of longing. Longing to be, longing to known. Being, becoming, being fed by longing and desire. Basically the underpinning of a feeling God.

Helen: It’s the antennae that are reaching out to find the vibration that lets us know we’re on track in our lives. Reaching out to find that which resonates.

Mushin: Yes. Resonance – if you think about it, it’s the resounding… it’s like an answer.

Helen: The whale putting out its call…

Mushin: And being answered.

Gateway to heaven

One of the very deep things that came to me when contemplating this matter of God’s sigh, of God’s desire to be known, is then – in Islam you have the many names of God. Ibn Arabi says that the very first thing that comes from God’s sigh is his many names. And so God’s longing is reflected in all these many names. And then in that mysticism, in our heart or our soul, is a manifestation of one of the many, many names. And then, when we express that name, sound that name, and give that name form, then we are producing a knowable God. The sigh comes from the deepest, most unknowable mystery of all.  And so, it cannot be known. But what can be known are the myriad names. Those can be known.

Helen: When you wake up and realise that yours is one of them.

Mushin: Yes, yes, yes. I’m one of the names. And so are you. And by naming these names and giving them form, like you say, when we move according to our deepest desires, and realise what we want to realise, then we are manifesting that name. And knowing God in that name, and thereby answering back, being the resonance to God.

Helen: This meshes in with what I have been sensing into since the beginning of the year.

Everything that is around us is a manifestation of God’s desire, God’s longing. And God’s longing has evolved. It is now felt by us – and by all intelligences in the Kosmos, not just humans – in a different way.

This is why we are in transition. It is because all the structures we are embedded in – our economy, our financial system, our institutions, our religion, our education systems – and even the structures embedded in us – our thought patterns, all of our worldviews, even our established spiritual practices – everything is a manifestation that is structured according to an impulse which has stopped. That’s where we feel the disconnect now. Because the living, breathing impulses that we are feeling inside are jarring with our own mental models, and with everything about our mainstream civilisation and culture.

God's smile

This phenomenon is often called – by those who recognise it at all – the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. An important dynamic of the Piscean era has been the parent/child dynamic – which has been translated into a workable reality in all the structures that we see around us. But now, a new set of impulses is sounding throughout reality, they are seated in our planet and all life is receiving them. The soul energy of the planet – mirroring God’s soul, if you will, has shifted and no longer correlates with the old form translations that exist all around us. We are already witnessing the beginnings of a rapid deterioration of all that worked so well in the past.

I believe this is one of the reasons why the Integral model developed by Ken Wilber will not be as useful as many of us first believed. Because it is in essence a description and a synthesis of everything that was produced by the Piscean age. A description and synthesis of what has been written up until now. All of the science up until now, all of the philosophy up until now, all of that was coming through men and women who were sensing the impulse that was Piscean. It was God in its Piscean stage of development. Now it’s moved into a recognisably different stage of development.

God's inspiration

The parent and the child are uniting as one balanced, integrated force within the individual – coming together in balanced partnership. The impulse towards Gaiaspace, the impulse towards Peer-to-Peer, the impulse towards Women Moving the Edge, the impulse that’s manifesting the Art of Hosting, the Open Source movements of all kinds, the Commons movement – all of these things are the early manifestations coming through to express what men and women are feeling now.

Mushin: Yes.

Helen: And there’s nothing out there. No books, no teachings to tell us how to do this. We have to sense it through our bodies, moment by moment, and we have to sense it together.

Think about the contrast: the deep, deep pattern in the old impulse was the parent-child dynamic. Think about Transactional Analysis.  The new impulse is quite different. On the one hand, it’s adult, empowered. On the other hand it’s partnership, it’s collaborative. It’s not us dominating nature or worshipping nature, it’s us working together with nature in partnership. Which means that we have to learn ways of actually communicating with nature in partnership. It’s us working with each other in partnership, it’s us attuning to and working with God in partnership. It’s a totally different dynamic.

That’s what’s been coming through you and being felt by you.  The reason why so many of our new enterprises are in misery and not thriving as we feel they should be – it’s because they are still trapped in our old thinking, trying to manifest in the Piscean way with money.

None of that old stuff is wrong, it’s just dead now. What  happens to a body when the life force leaves it?

You can grow mushrooms in it

Mushin: It becomes manure.

Helen: Exactly. You can grow mushrooms in it.

Mushin: What I’m hearing right now in what you’re saying –  If we regard God’s sigh, or God’s longing to be known in the many myriad ways, and what you have been saying about the evolution from the Piscean to the Aquarian, I was hearing – the art of calling, of sending out a call.

God has slowly changed his/her call – the call of God now has changed slightly, and is probably getting stronger and stronger. And since our soul is really one of the many names of God, and the names of God are never fixed but are flexible, like living writing, so we feel that call, and feeling a call – really feeling a call, at least – means starting to adapt your behaviour and what you do, and everything to that, right?

So in a way it’s not only God’s call, God’s way of being, God’s longing that is evolving.  It’s also how we translate that longing into action. That calls forth a change in God’s longing. What’s getting me here is that this slowly evolves into an understanding or a way of talking about a peer-to-peer relationship with God.

Helen: This is exactly what has evolved. God’s call is God. We are always transmitting and receiving at all times.

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  2. riabaeck2 says:

    Thanks for the conversation, the transcribing and the incredible pictures!
    Most appreciated!

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