Conversations around Women Moving the Edge

Extracts from my journal, February 2010.

Light and grounding in the middle

Just before our last gathering of Women Moving the Edge, while we were preparing beforehand at Lisette’s house in Amsterdam, we sensed into some issues that I feel are archetypal to our time of transition, here, now…

Sensing beneath the surface

It seems that much of what woman’s work consists of is sensing what is going on beneath the surface. So much lies just beyond what we can see. Again and again, here, intention is key. The crone holds the life of the community in her awareness, sensing and hosting life’s great transmissions on behalf of both individuals and the collective – what if, together, we can play that role for the transition of our civilisation now? Judy has just blogged about that here.

Rewilding the feminine

We talked about ‘rewilding’, connecting with our instincts, and how the feminine is able to come into contact with the energies of the earth. We talked about sensing the wild underneath the domesticated, and wondered whether we can really let go? Knowing that the patterns of the wild include a dying back to sustainable population levels, can we really refrain from interfering and let it flow? With nature? With ourselves? What happens when it’s our own children? Is our wildness in conflict with our compassion?

New Beguines

Begijnenhof, Amsterdam

Judy told us of her walk of rediscovery round the neighbourhood. It transpired that she had lived only ten doors down from Lisette’s place on the Herengracht some 20 years before. While recovering from her jetlag, she had gone out in search of a place she remembered, that she had loved when she was here before – a small park like a churchyard, she called it. A haven of peace in the busy city. Without her consciously knowing how to find it, her feet had taken her there. When she described it to us, Lisette recognised it as the Begijnenhof. (picture: ) Ria then told us about the Beguines – wild women of the last millennium. That was when I received the name of our new community and the place we will buy – “De begijnen van het Nieuwe Leven” – Wild women of the new life.

Devic archetype – the collective feminine

Archetypal pattern – holding the talking piece

Ria has been very taken of late with the devas and nature spirits, from her reading of the books of Machaelle Small Wright. She wondered whether there was some archetypal devic level of the collective feminine that we are learning to plug into. There is a lot of power in this. Do we dare to touch it? Are we sure that our intentions are sufficiently pure and without ego? Moving the edge of consciousness – the ground of our exploration as Women Moving the Edge – is not a small thing, and we shouldn’t mess with it lightly. One thing became clear through our sourcing: in order to communicate with the Deva of the collective feminine, we have to be a collective. The circle being is also a rather new energy form, although its far from clear yet how that fits in. Could collective sourcing be our channel of communication to the devic collective feminine archetype?

Reweaving the subtle web


Ria touched on something really key, sunk in the gentle embrace of the collective source: I still remember the charged atmosphere in our circle as she was speaking. And I remember my own deep inner truth sense throbbing with confirmation of her words. It seems that some of the levels between the subtle devic realm and the manifest realm have been damaged. Thought forms are also energies, and with so much of humanity thinking about fragmentation, separation and “me, me, me”, this fabric of the collective starts to die off and decompose. Part of our task as the collective feminine, then, is to re-weave the web of subtle energies through our conscious intention to work collectively as a circle being. The image of ‘energy darning’ came through.

Sewing circle

Sewing circle

We received the archetypal image of women sitting in circle, stitching, knitting, mending. We have a role to play in weaving, repairing and reconnecting that greater web of life. We are connected by these simple, physical activities to women through the ages. And so we must notice the resonance of this language of ‘meshworking’. The practice as it developed in Copenhagen was powerfully rooted in opening and closing every day in circle. It also feels important to bring in the permaculture notion that each individual can perform multiple functions, as we nurture the emergence of a community-based civilisation that utilises what everybody naturally does anyway. And the web is strengthened by the interweaving of individuals’ unique relationships with each other to create a strong fabric for the collective.

Weaving the next level of the collective

The next level of the collective is woven of authentically living individuals, being fully themselves. It is NOT conformity. Paradoxically, this “me, me, me” is a stretching towards that authentic expression.


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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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4 Responses to Conversations around Women Moving the Edge

  1. Emil says:

    beautiful site Helen,

    If you didn’t come across publication below, this might interest you:

    Click to access state-of-ease.pdf



  2. anilea says:

    Beautiful, Helen,

    The mystical walk moves through you.
    Thank You.
    Ani Lea

  3. Edveeje Fairchild says:

    Rewilding the feminine … the new Beguines … your words shimmer with the spirit of Rilke as revealed in his “Book of Hours.” I read your thoughts and ponder a movement of “the new Beguines” … as I hear Rilke in the background whispering: “You, the great homesickness we could never shake off; You, the forest that always surrounded us; You the song we sang in every silence, you dark net threading through us, on the day you made us you created yourself and we grew sturdy in your sunlight ….” Thank you for being in the world and giving it voice, Helen.

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