Women Moving the Edge – 10th gathering, in Belgium

Much to my delight and anticipation, we are gearing up for another gathering of Women Moving the Edge in Belgium, on March 11-14 2011. We will be holding it at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven, one of my favourite places at the moment.

The invitation has just gone out. Here’s what it says:

You are invited, as women, to move the edge of consciousness, through collectively inquiring into this question, from the presence of Source:

What new ways might we sense

for consciously participating

in the radiance of the universe?

Women Moving the Edge is a collective, integral practice. Women participating in this program are invited to come to a place of Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will. From this quality of individual alignment and authenticity, we share with each other in the circle, through verbal and non-verbal means. Sensing, speaking and acting from Source is a feminine way of knowing we can reconnect with.

This culminates in a collective field of attention, a holding space from where we connect with our guiding question. We are called, each time, to gather around an unmanifest potential. Seeking to explore that potential, we have developed the practice of collective sourcing.

Women Moving the Edge is a continuous process and we sense that we are moving into a new phase. The place and space we are invited to collectively sense into is widening and deepening. There seems to be an inner world within our world where we can interact with the subtle realms that interpenetrate with our physical reality.

Entering into this relation in a conscious way gives a new dimension to understanding co-creation. On the one hand we have a desire to respond to a call from inner places of the world:

Come as you are, that we may delight in your being,

as you delight in each other.

On the other hand, if we would invoke a poetic response from the world that can help guide our way forward,

What then becomes possible?

Women Moving the Edge applies the Wholeness of Knowing. From experience we realise that we can know so much more when engaging all our senses. We invite all arts and forms of subtle knowing. Bring your talents and any materials you/we need!

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Collective Sourcing / Presencing means multi-tasking:

  • You are a participant in the unfolding process.
  • You are an observer of the place where your actions and ideas come from.
  • You are tuned in to the collective and subtle field that you are engaged in.
  • You are a leader of the process, like all other participants.

This program offers you:

  • A deep ground for practice in being fully present.
  • A rare experience of being in a truly generative space.
  • A conceptual understanding of collective presencing.
  • An opportunity to contribute to this inquiry in service of wisdom and evolution.

As your hosting team we do not facilitate, rather we host this collective, emergent process. We do this by engaging ourselves fully in the collective inquiry. Our intention is for emergence to happen and we apply our mastery and offer teachings wherever needed and useful.

Your hosts: Ria Baeck, Judy Wallace, Helen Titchen Beeth and Nina Thompson-Williams

Dates: Friday March 11, 2011, 3:00pm to Monday March 14, 2011, after lunch.

Venue: Kasteel Nieuwenhoven, Near Sint-Truiden, Belgium (see pictures)

To download the full invitation and the registration form please visit the WMTE Ning.

You can see more photos of previous gatherings here.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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4 Responses to Women Moving the Edge – 10th gathering, in Belgium

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  3. Dear Helen,

    I take great joy in reading your blog post about the recent WMTE and consciously participating in the radiance of the universe…and these beautiful colorful bright drawings…and it reminded me about the powers of the universe as expressed by Brian Swimme. Are you familiar with this work? He is a cosmologist and he describes 10 powers that are the core processes of the universe that have given rise to ourselves. We are discovering ourselves in deeper patterns.

    Those 10 include 0-seamlesness, 1-centration, 2-allurement, 3-emergence, 4-homeostasis, 5-cataclysm, 6-synergy, 7-transmuation, 8-transformation, 9-interrelatedness, 10-radiance. Ahh radiance 🙂

    He writes in the recent EnlightenNext:

    “The 10th and last cosmological power is radiance. Radiance is the power referred to most directly by the second law of thermodynamics. In simplest terms, this law explains that any being with energy will disperse that energy. To radiate is the law of the universe. This is true of everything we examine. In my view the power of radiance is an expression of the mysterious way in which the universe cannot contain the magnificence it houses. Instead it is compelled to express itself in ten million different ways.”

    He has written more and done DVD series on these powers, but I loved seeing them as a kind of synopsis in this recent issue on the Cosmic Dimensions of Love. :))

    How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this wisdom and the journey of women who have been doing this deep diving and spelunking and intergalactic travel. Indeed, we are wayfarers…in this coming age, that we ourselves are bringing forth.

    • iyeshe says:

      Hi Sheri! Thanks so much for bringing in Brian Swimme – we were indeed inspired by his awesome work on the powers of the universe – Ria has the DVD, and we have been exploring what all these powers mean over recent months. Inspired doesn’t begin to describe it!

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