Women Moving the Edge 10 – Power of Place

Another novelty about this 10th iteration that makes it feel as if we have entered a new cycle and are riding a new wave, is the way the gathering was called to a place by the place itself.

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From the earliest seeds of the idea of holding this gathering, there was a knowing in me that we would come together at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven. Since spending time at that place regularly last year, I had formed a bond with the place, and had a formative experience there. I could feel it calling out to me – there was something it wanted from us, and something it wished to offer in return.

It came through loud and clear during the preparation day with Ria, Judy and Nina the day before the gathering started:

This place is asking for a new level of activation, and that’s why we’re called there. We are very explicitly called to walk the land, to hold and witness every feature of that place that attracts and draws us.

“There is an interaction between containing/being contained. We are invited to be contained there, but it wants us to contain it. It wants to be part of the circle, which is needed for it to reach the next level for itself, for the community living there, and for the region.

The place and its inhabitants were very present throughout our gathering. We spent the first morning walking the land and each one of us brought back stories of our experiences, and eyes shining with the zest of healthy air and the aliveness of the rising sap of spring in our bodies.

“Old geezer tree”

Old Geezer tree

There is an amazing fallen tree – I think it’s an acacia – an absolute monster that lies in a spot near one of the stretches of water near the castle. Lying their as it does, it is so huge that the mind boggles trying to imagine it upright and living. As it is, it always reminds me of a giant sea squid, with writhing tentacles swept along in a strong current. I am drawn to this spot every time I visit, to spend time with this incredible being. This was the first time that I understood that the reason this place has such a strong power of attraction is that the tree is inhabited by a non-physical entity of some kind. When I mentioned this to my daughter Anna, she looked at me pityingly and said “I can’t believe you’ve only just realised that – it’s so obvious!” It was she who christened it “the old geezer tree”.

An egg gestating…

Behold, do not interfere

On Sunday morning, when we woke up, Anna asked me (not for the first time) whether I had been out at night. I hadn’t. “The energy is totally different at night”, she told me. “There’s something else happening. It’s scary.” She and Griet had been out the night before to investigate, and Griet had drawn her impression of what they had experienced. It was as if there was a huge invisible egg, gestating in a particular spot in the corner of the farmyard where some intensive renovation was going on. “We don’t want to find out what would happen if we disturbed that spot”, said Anna, shuddering. “But nobody’s likely to, because it’s happening in that place but in another dimension.” “Besides,” added Griet, “there are guardians surrounding it to ensure it remains untouched.” It seems there are ‘eggs’ like this all over the world, readying themselves for some kind of birth, particularly in locations where places are being activated through conscious relationship with humans.

We live in interesting times, and our children, it seems, are being born with capacities we never dreamt of.

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