Women Moving the Edge – invisible beings and other dimensions

This wasn’t the first time that the non-physical realms put in an appearance at our gatherings – they’ve been present in one form or another since the start. But this was the first time they were explicitly invoked and invited in to the circle.

Towards the end of last year, I finally started to understand that all my life I have been receiving communication from outside my own ‘system’, and began paying attention to the modalities of that communication, so I could recognise accurately when it was happening. I learned that when I feel certain physical sensations, I can just sit down with a pen and begin to write, without having any idea what will come through. And what comes through is usually pretty astonishing. Being human and curious and hung up on the importance of identity, I wanted to know who was at the other end of this channel – and was given to understand that (i) I wasn’t equipped to understand the nature of what was communicating with me (ii) that it was a well-connected collective of non-physical intelligences that had never been human, calling itself our ‘cosmic family’. I call it ‘the Family’ for short. It asked me to publish their communications, and so I have been doing so in the blog Aquarian Conversations.

The Family was present from the start of our preparation for this gathering. It was they who first suggested that Nieuwenhoven would be an auspicious place to gather. Their voice came through in the invitation:

Come as you are, that we may delight in your being, as you delight in each other

… as you delight in each other

On a number of occasions during the gathering – particularly during morning meditation – I found myself reaching for my pen to capture the Family’s response to certain things that happened – or questions that arose – in our circle. Sharing their words in the circle were truly sacred moments.

Sacredness of not knowing

Sitting in silence during the meditation on the 2nd morning.

“You have evoked many threads in your circle, and we have watched you weave them in delight – particularly savouring the outbursts of laughter. You are all so different, and each one of you is splendid in your own unique radiance. You are beginning to understand that to live in bliss is within your reach, and that radiance is the by-product of radical generosity with your knowing and surrender to receiving and giving on the knowing that surrounds and interpenetrates you.

You have evoked the missing letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the primacy of searching over finding, the essentially feminine quality of the longing to belong in the Kosmos. We tell you now: There is no part that knows the whole. There is nothing omniscient in the Kosmos. What keeps the universe expanding from each point in it is the search for knowing. The outcome of this search is not ‘more knowledge’ but ‘more relationship’ – greater embrace and interpenetration between the parts of the whole.

The deliberate embrace of not-knowing

It is not knowledge that is sacred, but the deliberate embrace of not-knowing, the opening up to the thirst for intimacy with more of God’s creation. God’s creation is God, surrendering up every part to not knowing and setting out on the eternal adventure of exploration, encounter and discovery of the manifold forms of being.

Beholding the mystery of all that cannot be known but through experience, we are suffused with aliveness that is too great to contain. Surrendering to the wonder of it all, overcome by the delight of each fresh encounter, radiance is born.

Know that every molecule and photon of your being is beautiful, and that your natural state is radiance.”

Re-introducing the Feminine

Received in the silence in the evening of the second day.

The space you have created in your circle is exquisite. This is the path to peace and joy.

You are called to re-introduce the many feminine ways of knowing and forms of expression into your daily environment. This is critical work, and now is the time to do it. The tectonic shifts beneath the social ground create an opportunity and an opening. The feminine must be fully present for all that is to come. She will not be invited in, where she is not seen. It is yours to stand up and be seen, to move in and shine forth your radiance.

The feminine is collective

Do not envy each other’s gifts – honour your own and allow them to flourish. Spend time together when you can, for nurturing until you can embody how you are when you are together, when you are in your respective places.

The feminine is collective. She cannot survive in isolation. Your practices here are now sufficiently well-established to spread beyond the boundaries of the being that is Women Moving the Edge. We have witnessed healing and growth in each of you, brought forth by your collective field. You will leave with your radiance augmented.

This, too, is how the universe expands.”

The tsunami of awakening

Monday morning meditation – images came to me of the Japan tsunami and the news that the earthquake that caused it also caused the earth to shift its axis by 10 inches. I wondered what the effects of this might be, and how it might connect with shifts in human consciousness at this time.

There is no master plan. Just a pattern of ever-expanding, ever-deepening, ever-intensifying interpenetration and interconnectivity.

You are learning how your intention can invoke a poetic response from the world, and how collectively holding a place or spatial entity can activate it. The same is true for the Earth. When humanity learns to hold sacred intent towards your planetary home, the activation of Gaia will be such that she, too, will evoke a poetic response from the universe. Gaia is alive – you would not be able to inhabit her if not. You are of her, not on her. You are here for a purpose. Humanity has a function related to consciousness, and that function serves the planet as a whole in relation to the environment around it.

The tsunami of awakening

As we awaken to the wave of Unitary Consciousness, as the Mayans have called it, some are seeing it as the pinnacle of human consciousness evolution. We see it as a beginning. Much becomes possible when humanity awakens to an understanding of its place in the Kosmos. The work of your women’s circles is crucial to the expanding wave of sacred practice and generative participation in the life of the planet, place by place, community by community. This is the tsunami of awakening gathering force.

Your power is accelerating, amplifying. It is time to move from occasional gatherings, time to replicate the pattern elsewhere. You are not alone in this work. It is happening in other dimensions and realms also. We are with you, and honour your spirit in this endeavour. Let the radiance be your reward.”


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6 Responses to Women Moving the Edge – invisible beings and other dimensions

  1. Thank you for being so bold as to write these experiences. This is fundamentally important as the shape of the world and of our understanding continues to shift. There is more to what’s happening than meets the eye so let’s open our awareness to where and how it shows up – everywhere when we become available.

    • iyeshe says:

      Thanks, Kathy! It’s an interesting space to live in – as a member of a species that seems to be hardwired to conform to the dominant world view as a survival strategy, to gradually grow into a knowing that is completely off the screen of the consensual radar. But I think that one of the new capacities that’s developing on earth (not to say that there haven’t always been the extraordinary few who have had it throughout human history) is the ability to sense the calling of the soul, and to start to follow where it leads. And mine is unequivocally calling me to witness and speak the emergence of Aquarian patterns.

      • I agree Helen. That calling is becoming louder and more compelling for many of us. I feel it is a reawakening of something that has long been asleep. We are perhaps in the early spring of a new era. Fellow travellers are convening on the path, activating and amplifying this call and these steps beyond the veil of the physical knowing into the greater recesses of more and more knowing. Happy to travel this path with you from across the ocean.

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