Women Moving the Edge 10 – The presence of Ria’s book

... not from a cognitive space

Throughout the gathering, all the women present experienced deep, visceral learning that didn’t come from a cognitive space. It wasn’t about models and theories – there were no presentations or teachings. But this women’s circle and its underlying process has the power to transform, whoever the women in it happen to be – whether they are new to the process or veterans; we always have a healthy mix.

Having Ria in the circle automatically brings all her knowing – and that includes everything that is being transmuted through the lengthy process required to write her book. What’s it about? Why, everything we’ve learned from the life story of Women Moving the Edge, as well as other collective processes Ria has been engaged in.

Because I haven’t written much about Ria’s book before on this blog, I’m going to say a little bit more here about some of the things I’ve referred to almost without explanation in the previous entries about WMTE 10…

Ria has coalesced all this rich material into a set of matrices showing the path that leads to some new human capacities – collective in nature – that we believe will be crucial to our engaging with the complexities now confronting humanity at these time of epochal transition.

As my friend Albert Klamt put it: “It really seems a new cosmology, language and ways of expression are needed which are totally beyond already existing conceptual and scientific frameworks. Even beyond the existing esoteric injunctions.”

Coming out of nine gatherings of women, and literally hundreds of hours of calls and conversations, all carefully documented, together with a pooling of reading and experience over about 4 years, a core group of Women Moving the Edge is exploring and articulating the adventure into the ‘new cosmology’ that Albert mentions. We work in an integrally-informed manner with circle, with U theory/presencing, with systemic constellations, with movement and body work, with nature and every imaginable manifestation of the feminine. We started out by stumbling on and then exploring what we call ‘collective sourcing‘, and are now moving into ‘collective presencing’. It feels to me very much like the developmental journey of the Collective Buddha.

Now that Ria’s book has reached a certain threshold of ‘there-ness’, we have embarked on a collective process to help birth the thing step by step into manifestation.

Languaging is a challenge...

Languaging is a challenge – there is so much subtlety in this work, because we are working with the subtle realms. And we see clearly a rich and complex journey that starts with the individual learning how to open up to their authentic self and to enter into a dynamic relationship with the Soul.

As mentioned above, Ria has articulated the process into two matrices – the first maps the journey from a bunch of people to a ‘circle of presence’ (building capacity for authentic collective wisdom in service of wise action), and the second starts with the ‘circle of presence’ and moves through to the ‘circle of co-creation‘(co-manifesting authentic collective potential) – and when we say ‘co-creation’, we aren’t talking about just humans co-creating together, but an enlightened human collective consciously co-creating with the powers and intelligences of the cosmos – so it’s a numinous experience of our evolutionary potential as a species. True learning from the future.

Both matrices chart two movements: the process of inner alignment – unfolding authenticity, which goes through (i) open mind – observing what is, (ii) open heart – accepting what is and honouring what is, to (iii) open will – living what is; and the process of outer alignment – widening balance, growing awareness of complexity and interrelatedness, individually for the circle of presence, collectively for the circle of co-creation.

Ria has been able to fill in the squares in the first matrix through observing our own individual  and collective experience, confirmed through quite a rich literature search. Where we are challenged, is in filling in the last few squares and columns in the second matrix: here we seem to be entering virgin territory.

And so we have had to actually become that which we are seeking to describe – namely a genuine circle of co-creation. Not surprisingly, that is becoming the central focus of our lives as individuals and is a truly riveting journey. We have discovered that when a group gathers in that authentic place beyond ego, to focus on some kind of inquiry that has drawn the individuals into the group, it is possible for information that is relevant to the inquiry to flow into the centre, as if it is being drawn down through a funnel from some other place.

I have often had the experience, while sitting in circle in this way, of being spoken through, and of speaking things I had no way of knowing. This is where Albert’s ‘beyond existing conceptual and scientific frameworks‘ comes in.

We have learned that there is a vibrant realm of invisible (to us) intelligence co-existing with us in this universe of ours, somehow interpenetrating our dimensions, that is just dying to be invited into our conversations, if we only think to ask and open up. As a result of opening up to co-habit with these invisible realms, I find myself now inhabiting the kosmos in a totally different way, experiencing how truly alive everything is, and how real the seamless quantum ‘vacuum’ is – and how magic is real. All without drugs!

So it seems to me that following Albert’s ‘existing esoteric injunctions‘ is perhaps what brings us to the starting point for embarking on this journey. How to enter into relationship with the ego as a function of our individual being, rather than all of who we are, so that we can awaken to Self and understand that our consciousness opens up on infinite spiritual space – rather than just being home to our fleeting, self-based impressions.

The two following videos show Ria explaining the Circle of Presence and the Circle of Co-Creation, as they where in January 2010 (the matrix for the Circle of Co-Creation has evolved since).


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