Mulling over Turquoise – what the ‘bible’ says. Part 2

Here comes the second installment of my revisiting of the section of Beck and Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics dealing with the Turquoise vMEME, this time about what shows up when the system is fully developed. The sections in italics are quoted from the book.

Peak phase

Simply being: In Turquoise, one learns not only through observation and participation, but through the experience of simply being. The person trusts intuition and instinct, allowing the mind to process with both the conscious and unconscious selves as co-participants.

The world's poetic mystery

Actually, simply being is what remains when the impulsion of ego drops away. There is no longer that drive to conquer the world, or save it, simply a thirst to savour it. Like feasting the eyes on a beloved child or lover, there is a longing to shrug off all distraction and just indulge in the sensual delight of the world’s beauty and poetic mystery. Learning is not something one sets out to do, simply something that happens quite naturally. All our senses are open to receive, and extra-sensory perception blossoms like runner beans in June. There is a seamlessness about the interface between self and world, and a lived experience that the distinction is an illusion.

Untapped resources: We seem to reconnect with aspects of ourselves stifled or supplanted by powerful forces in the First Tier subsistence levels, while activating other untapped resources within our minds and brains.

I am amazed every day by how much there is within me that I never suspected. It also astonishes me how clearly I can distinguish between that which has always been there but which I have repressed in order to survive my childhood, and that which has laid dormant all along, and is only awakening to activation now. Certain capacities, like the ability to discern spatial entities, I have been utilising all my life without conscious awareness, and only now understand have a function that I can perform intentionally when called to do so. Others, like channelling the cosmic family, are unfolding only now, at this stage in my life.

More expansiveness in thinking: If the more fully utilised mind is layered over … the rest of the spiral, human beings will have a much wider range of new possibilities… more expansiveness in thinking and a broader repertoire of behavioural options.

What strikes me as most remarkable in this connection is that at those times when I feel I am most fully operating from Turquoise, thought does not seem to be generated within the field of my individuality. It comes to me more as a full-bodied ‘knowing’, often free of discursive attributes like words, from the universe at large, as it were. And that renders the term ‘repertoire of behavioural options’ rather inaccurate. A repertoire suggests to me a limited set of learned and practiced patterns that one can choose from. But when one is acting ‘from the field’ rather than from the self, then the full range of behaviours that my indifferently fit, somewhat overweight 51-year-old body is physcially capable of performing is available to me – including many that I have never performed before.

Everything flows with everything else in living systems: Turquoise views a world of interlinked causes and effects, interacting fields of energy and levels of bonding and communicating most of us have yet to uncover… A sense of living systems that mesh and blend, flowing in concert with each other… ‘Seeing-everything-at-once’ before doing anything specific dominates the thinking process.

Which is the hallucination?

My instant response when reading these words was: How on earth did they know? This is such an overwhelmingly complex experience to enunciate in so few words. As I rest in the moment, every moment, all moments come to me, of a piece. The seasons as they turn, all the cycles of life as they feed into one another. All the exquisite dances of intertwining, interdependent co-arising we foolishly call cause and effect – I grin like a demented pot-head pixie on an acid trip. But which is the hallucination? The world of discrete objects where I know exactly who is to blame for my dissatisfaction in each instance (never me, to be sure!)? Or the crazy, coiling, boiling arising and disintegrating maelstrom of creative frenzy that seemlessly blankets this planet and erupts out into the kosmic causal field from whence it originated?

And when, in all this uproar, is the time to act? Who knows? I’ll find out when I find myself acting. And what, in this unutterable, eternal stillness, is the thing to do? I wonder… until I do it.

Embracing a global communitarian sense without attacking individuals’ right to be: A Gaia view emerges, one that centres on life itself. The planet itself is seen as a single ecosystem. In Turquoise one becomes one merged into the many. This collective/communal functioning both heightens sensory awareness and increases people’s alertness to multiple dimensions of time and space. Turquoise life consists of fractals, replications of the micro right through the macro.

There is no real intellectual or philosophical realisation that diversity is paramount or that Gaia – far from being merely a single ecosystem – is an organism in her own right. These things are simply experienced, known, self-evident. And with the knowing, all of a piece, comes the sensory capacity to apprehend this reality. Although my eyes see no more than they used to (well, actually, they see a lot less, but that’s just age!) and my ears are no more acute, yet the inner perceptions become as graphically distinct and informative as the outer senses. The challenge is merely to allow the doubting voice of my scientific-materialist conditioning to subside so I can act on my sensing cleanly.

A new version of spiritualityAt Turquoise, one stands in awe of the cosmic order, the creative forces that exist from the Big Bang to the smallest molecule. Reality can be experienced, but never known. People functioning in this range avoid relationships where others try to dominate, but can provide direction when required in ways that are not personally domineering. The person constantly monitors both self and situation as a participant-observer. The ego that drives the Subsistence layers is virtually non-existent. ‘Life is the most important thing there is; but my life is unimportant’.

Experienced but never known

While ‘First Tier’ spirituality is very much about the ego (even about ‘getting rid of it’) and its relationship to the rest of the kosmos, at Turquoise, self is, indeed, a vehicle for participation, observation and experience; an embodied locus of consciousness that can provide a rich array of sensation and information to weave into story to share, delight, move and inspire. The ‘life’ which is important is not restricted to what science designates as ‘living organisms’, but includes all matter that has chosen to adhere to structure and form.

Relationship is different, here – interaction is in search of connection. And connection happens at the deepest level of sentience – rather the way one connects with wild animals, newborn babies and people whose language one doesn’t speak and whose culture one doesn’t know. Personality-level issues are experienced a little bit like the ripples on the surface of the waves when one lives as a denizen of the deep, occupied with the goings-on of the underwater world. Scarcely a distraction.

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  1. It seems at Turquoise Life lives you … rather than you living Life.

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