Apprenticing to the Earth – Nature Walk

Nature's invitation

On this day, we enter

the invisible subterranean realms.

Stepping out of our civilised sphere

Into the wild dominion of this Land.

What is the impact of my presence

When I step off the path

into the tall grass among the trees?

How does the landscape respond?

Enter her domain...

Listen to the language of the forest:

If you don’t belong, the birds will cry alarm.

Enter Her domain with the skin of a snake

The nose of a dog

The tongue of a cat

The ears of a deer

And the eyes of an owl.

Concert house of insect philharmonic

Moving further from the path

I am transported back – a child again

In a small haven of wild nature

My safe space, when my family wasn’t.

I go where I am invited – I know when I’m invited!

The plants themselves show me

How to wriggle my feet in amongst the stems

Treading delicately as an elephant

In my soft-souled shoes.

I go where I'm invited

Entranced by the insect orchestra

– what key is this concerto in?

Sensitive to the solos of the birds.

Only one alarm, in the copse below my tent

The energy of outrage is marked…

But nothing to do with me.

Come play with me

My impact is one of interaction

I am in the egoless, thought-free space of an animal.

A sensory being, following invitations

With my doggy nose,

Tasting the scents on the air

With my feline tongue,

Sensing the prickles, the undulations, the wafting breezes

With my snake’s skin.

Immobile. Beautiful

My owl’s eyes show me Vanessa,

Perched in the branches of an olive tree



And my heart swells with love.

Not human love, but nature’s love of her own.

And I understand:

Nature loves children – welcomes them

And plays with them.

When we re-enter our childhood’s instinctive knowing of her

We can walk here without fear.

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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