Transition Open Space – patterns of the future, part 4

Here comes the final episode of insights from the Transition Open Space festival I attended in July.

Presence of Spirit and Earth

May magic return to the world

At no time was any explicit mention made of spirituality, and yet both Earth and Spirit were very present at all levels throughout our time together. A lot of subtle energies were at play – we worked with systemic constellations around a number of topics (family and money, in particular), and many people could sense shifts in the energy of the place in response to what was happening with the people.

The riveting stories that Jeanne Hoogenboom shared with us of how she came to Kasteel Nieuwenhoven and the subtle work she has had to do with archetypal energies, forgiveness, the lifting of curses and the unblocking of ley lines, illustrate just how much of what shapes our ‘reality’ lies under the surface, in the invisible realms where our science cannot follow.

May we learn to love the magic in the world.

In our diversity we are whole

The last two days were dedicated to ‘harvesting’ what we had learned from this collective experiment, and preparing some initiatives that had been born during our time together to take their first next steps out into the world beyond.

We walked together through Wilber’s 4 quadrants, placing our various experiences in these different perspectives and understanding also how ‘transition’ can mean moving from one preferred quadrant into another that is less familiar. There, too, we saw that while the individuals might have a partial coverage of the quadrants, every quadrant and every possible permutation of transition among them was present in the group as a whole. We saw that our diversity is our wealth, as without it we are less whole.

May we learn to honour our diversity as our wholeness.

Be yourself!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

The individuals, too, saw that their own beliefs and sense-making patterns were simply their own, not more right or wrong than anyone else’s. It was spoken again and again, into the circle, that all that is needed in order to create heaven on earth is simply for each of us to learn to be fully ourselves, and to live our lives as an expression of who we deeply are. Throughout our time together, we witnessed each member of the community – people of all ages and developmental stages – stepping more fully into their own skins, encouraged, mirrored, accommodated and appreciated by the community as a whole.

My own 15-year-old daughter was also present throughout, and I was constantly in awe of how beautifully this sensitive and authentic young woman blossomed in the light of the community’s appreciation and what an impact she in turn had on what took place.

May we all be so blessed.

Living the future we choose, together

As I witnessed all of this unfolding, in all of its complexity, at all those different levels, I felt as if we were living a future in which society is able to heal itself and stitch itself back together into a nourishing, self-transcending whole, embedded in a relationship with nature, where we observe and honour her natural patterns, that allow us to live in abundance.

Making seitan together

This is by no means the first time such an experiment has been conducted. Each time something of this kind happens, it is easier than last time, and it makes it easier for the next time – even if none of the same people are involved and the experiments don’t know about each other. Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields spring to mind.

Many new connections are made, and small projects shoot off in all directions, as people begin to work together in new ways. The social fabric is slowly but surely restored as new interconnections are made and people understand what is possible when we work and play together.

As our civilisation as a whole hurtles inexorably towards the extreme of pathological separation and enclosure of even our intangible commonwealth, there is no point waiting to see what the future will bring. Beneath the surface, instinctively, what we were doing during this week was reclaiming parts of our lives from folly of rational self-interest that is homo economicus

May this movement continue.

Staying local

Part of what made this such a powerful and hopeful happening was simply that we were grounded in a place, in a natural bio-region, and the focus of attention was on how we live together in our families and our local communities – where the rubber hits the road. Because this was a regional event, the resources didn’t fly in from all over the world, and didn’t then all fly out so far and wide into the world again afterwards – it is possible to go on working together, supporting each other and nurturing the seeds that have been sown.

May it be so.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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3 Responses to Transition Open Space – patterns of the future, part 4

  1. Emil Moller says:

    pleased to experience synchronicity: yesterday we had 7 local friends as guest (25km max, on solar&wind charged electric scooter) for a systemic constellation on ‘2012’

    we saw how old-fading structures/axioms/beliefs/interests, their upcoming counterparts, the evolutionary thrust/evoluating consciousness, the 3D individual and later on the 4D individual (potential) interacted

    the old ways clearly showing their merit: setting the stage, supplying the raw materials for next steps of -consciousness represented in- individuals

    the new ways more or less waiting to be implemented by individuals

    the individual hesitating, strongly hesitant to let go of non-life serving patterns of behavior (mainly for reasons of fear of loss of comfort)

    the evulutionary thrust pushing the individual towards his 4D status, old & new patterns standing by as servants / scaffoldings

    Upcoming Wednesday another constellation on the expediency of a 500 person, 4 x per year, 3 day retreat/workshop for 3 yrs in our regions (with live video feeds with spiritual leaders of our planet), to be organized by a friend & me

    Now celebrating the opening of ‘5 5=11’, a Sudbury Valley school in Maastricht

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