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Weaving from the collective womb space

Harvest from a women’s circle Brussels, 26 May 2012 In the evening of a beautiful, sunny day in Brussels, we were eleven women – ranging in age from 24 to 50+ – who answered the call to gather in circle, … Continue reading

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Evolutionary entrepreneurship – Engaging the Collective Will

Here’s an article I wrote for Kosmos Journal back in the autumn of 2008. It still seems topical. This article gives a brief overview of what needs to happen if we— individually and collectively—are to wisely and effectively engage in … Continue reading

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Apprenticing to the Earth – the pattern of living wholeness

During our days together, our path will lead us from the visible realms into the invisible ones, and from the individual space into the collective one which is our evolutionary edge at this time. We will be called into: deep … Continue reading

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Welcome to Apprenticing to the Earth

Here’s a thing – people gathering bringing together from thirteen cultures from three continents – people who have made a substantial investment to be here, coming to teach and to learn and to share. We don’t all know each other … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge – invisible beings and other dimensions

This wasn’t the first time that the non-physical realms put in an appearance at our gatherings – they’ve been present in one form or another since the start. But this was the first time they were explicitly invoked and invited … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – exploring radiance

Almost a week has passed since the end of our most recent gathering of Women Moving the Edge. I always find it hard to articulate what happened, but each time seems more magical than the last – and this time … Continue reading

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What if we fail? So what if we fail?

Yesterday, I read a very moving account by Chris Corrigan of a formative experience he had at a gathering in Hawaii last year. I was particularly struck by one passage: On the morning of the fourth day I rose early … Continue reading

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