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Evolutionary entrepreneurship – Engaging the Collective Will

Here’s an article I wrote for Kosmos Journal back in the autumn of 2008. It still seems topical. This article gives a brief overview of what needs to happen if we— individually and collectively—are to wisely and effectively engage in … Continue reading

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Intimacy in complexity

In the context of some discussion around organisational transformation (… like, er, does it really ever happen?), someone over on the London Integral Circle list recently suggested that perhaps friendship is more ripe for transformation than organisations! He was referring … Continue reading

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Natural ways of working

Natural ways of working Last month some colleagues came together to practice what we call ‘participatory leadership’ for a day among practitioners. We are a growing community now, and we don’t all know each other, so it’s good to meet … Continue reading

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On roles, souls, & fields – thoughts about integral organisation

If there is one thing humanity needs to learn at this point in history, it is how to live and work together constructively. With so much attention being paid to technological solutions to every imaginable problem and personal development for … Continue reading

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Best practice vs experimentation

This blog post is inspired by a conversation I had with Peter Merry the other day – we were discussing the relative merits of sharing good practice versus experimentation on the path to the new era… and went on to … Continue reading

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