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Apprenticing to the Earth – Living the future

Saturday 28 May – Tomorrow, the people of Europe are invited out into the public places, to call for More Democracy. Our little community here in Axladitsa-Avatakia is buzzing with it. What is possible now? Today, I am called to … Continue reading

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Apprenticing to the Earth – Listening to the land

Wednesday 25 May – Today we started our programme. We don’t know what to call it. It’s not training, workshop, retreat or seminar. It’s that ineffable Aquarian affair, collective inquiry, co-creation, hosted by this beautiful, magical land and learning together … Continue reading

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Apprenticing to the Earth – the pattern of living wholeness

During our days together, our path will lead us from the visible realms into the invisible ones, and from the individual space into the collective one which is our evolutionary edge at this time. We will be called into: deep … Continue reading

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Welcome to Apprenticing to the Earth

Here’s a thing – people gathering bringing together from thirteen cultures from three continents – people who have made a substantial investment to be here, coming to teach and to learn and to share. We don’t all know each other … Continue reading

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Mental models – they come, they go, and occasionally they revisit

I haven’t been busy much with mental models lately – too immersed in witnessing the subtle shifts in my own energy metabolism and engaging dialogically with the world. But I’ve been reminded twice already this month (and it’s only mid-April … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – The presence of Ria’s book

Throughout the gathering, all the women present experienced deep, visceral learning that didn’t come from a cognitive space. It wasn’t about models and theories – there were no presentations or teachings. But this women’s circle and its underlying process has … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge – invisible beings and other dimensions

This wasn’t the first time that the non-physical realms put in an appearance at our gatherings – they’ve been present in one form or another since the start. But this was the first time they were explicitly invoked and invited … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – Widening the circle

Always present in our field during the later stages of preparation of the gathering were the women who would have wished to be with us but couldn’t be for one reason or another. And so, for the first time, we … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – Poetic response from the world

Just as we were starting to prepare for the gathering, Ria came upon the work of Australian eco-philosopher Freya Mathews, in particular her work on ontopoetics, which she defines as the ‘poetic structure of being’. This is what I wrote … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – Power of Place

Another novelty about this 10th iteration that makes it feel as if we have entered a new cycle and are riding a new wave, is the way the gathering was called to a place by the place itself. From the … Continue reading

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