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Weaving from the collective womb space

Harvest from a women’s circle Brussels, 26 May 2012 In the evening of a beautiful, sunny day in Brussels, we were eleven women – ranging in age from 24 to 50+ – who answered the call to gather in circle, … Continue reading

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Women move the Edge again: 20-23 April 2012, South Devon, UK

You are invited, as women, to move the edge of consciousness, through collectively inquiring into this question, from the presence of Source: If land and stones hold a memory and radiate it out through the ages, dare we open as … Continue reading

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Transition Open Space – patterns of the future, part 3

After a bit of a break, more insights from the Transition Open Space festival I attended in July. Intentionally spreading seeds of possibility As it happens, this place is where I learned the basics of permaculture myself (from Taco), and … Continue reading

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The tale of the Green Witch

Every story holds within it the time, place and circumstances of its telling. My story, as I tell it here, arose out of a process of inquiry and sharing in a workshop called ‘Embody your Calling’ offered by Ria Baeck … Continue reading

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Mental models – they come, they go, and occasionally they revisit

I haven’t been busy much with mental models lately – too immersed in witnessing the subtle shifts in my own energy metabolism and engaging dialogically with the world. But I’ve been reminded twice already this month (and it’s only mid-April … Continue reading

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What I am learning about Radiance

Radiance is a collective phenomenon Radiance is a property of both the Many and the One. It is how we experience and reflect the life force. Being radiant is an act of love and creation. It is a collective phenomenon, … Continue reading

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Women Moving the Edge 10 – The presence of Ria’s book

Throughout the gathering, all the women present experienced deep, visceral learning that didn’t come from a cognitive space. It wasn’t about models and theories – there were no presentations or teachings. But this women’s circle and its underlying process has … Continue reading

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