Harvesting the invisible

Axladitsa, 30 May 2011 (Apprenticing to the Earth gathering) – Yesterday afternoon, I was prompted to call an Open Space session on the Invisible Harvest. I had no real idea what I was thinking of, and Filiz showed up to help me illuminate it. “Why did you call this session?” she asked. So I told her.

All my life I’ve felt I didn’t really belong. I never fit in. I don’t suppose I was the only one, but I felt very alone with it. As I have matured, that sense of alienation from the group has morphed into a sensing of the whole and a witnessing of the belonging of others. “These days”, I told Filiz ” it’s not so much what I belong to, but what I am holding.” “But don’t you feel lonely?” she asked.

Bathed in the love of the kosmos

I had to think about that for a moment. But the answer came fast: Never. Now I know that I belong in the Kosmos. I feel its holding at all times. I am constantly bathed in its love and I feel it at cellular level.

Throughout this gathering, I have felt in and out. Sometimes I’m fully immersed in participation, and sometimes I’m sitting quietly, not engaging with anyone in the group, just sensing and holding the group. Feeling all the conversations buzzing around me, tuning into the circle being that we are together for these six days.

The other day, everybody went to the beach – it was a fragmentation of our field, the individuals just burst off out and dispersed. I stayed behind on the land like the taproot of the dandelion, drilling deep into the home space, busy with the life of our gathering, reflecting on the patterns we have been illuminating together, making meaning of it all through my own personal lenses, recording it as the manifestation of my unique creativity. Starting to put things out into the world through my blog and my photos. The silver thread that connects the dream body back to its home body, so it doesn’t stray too far during sleep.

Talking with Filiz, the questions welled up in me: When we came together, our circle birthed an entity which will have a body for only six days. I have learned from my conversations with the Cosmic Family that entities spawned in this way do not cease to exist when the group disperses, just as we do not cease to exist when our body dies. So then, what happens to the soul of our circle being when we leave this place?

What happens to the soul of our circle being when we leave this place?

Wherever groups come together to create sacred space, these entities are drawn in, because that is how they learn and grow. As humanity begins to learn to communicate and co-create with the invisible realms, these entities have a real role to play. The quality of their contribution will depend upon the maturity they achieve during their time of embodiment. That maturity is in large part dependent on our own collective gathering practices, in particular the extent to which we reflect on our own processes and learnings.

One thing that I see very clearly, is that if we simply move ever onward and forward in our process together, without ever stopping to reflect on the path we have covered – what has disturbed and inspired us, what we have learned – we will not mature as a group. Just as the maturation of the individual happens as we become aware of parts of ourselves that were previously in the shadow, behind our face, so too, must the maturation of the circle being proceed through collective reflection, when the harvest of proceedings is fed back into the middle for co-illumination and the next level of collective meaning-making. It’s another manifestation of the Aquarian practice of upcycling. Taking our residues and transforming them through our creativity into something with truly added value.

Reflecting on our processes

There have already been a number of opportunities for upcycling in our community so far. The disturbance during the evening after our dispersed afternoon at the beach is one example. People are left with different impressions, questions and sore spots after that incident, and if we don’t feed it back into the circle for further reflection, sharing and digestion together, I feel that we will not only have missed an opportunity for great learning, we will have done a disservice to the whole morphic field that is forming around these Aquarian practices and new ways of being together that are part of our very purpose for coming together.

I am left with the insight that the invisible harvest is the unmanifest potential of our gathering. What is the creative expression of the collective entity that we are spawning? That part of the invisible that we are able to illuminate and make visible together.

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Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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  1. As you know Helen, I am also paying more and more attention to the invisible, increasing my own understanding of how it is linked to the physical and why it is just as important, and maybe even more simply because we have tended to ignore it, as the physical. The invisible is actually the larger portion of who we are, individually and collectively. So nice to share this level of holding space with you. K

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